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For the "Liberation of Skopje” 14 members of the film crew required and the films "Full contact" and "Sparrows" presented by the Croatian co-producers.

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A large team presented The Liberation of Skopje to the journalists yesterday headed by the Šerbedžija family. The film was directed by the joint forces of Rade and Danilo Šerbedžija and, together with Rade, Lucija Šerbedžija stars in the film.

The screening of the famous theatre play from 1979 that, as well as Skopje, was shown in Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Interestingly, it was Danilo himself who played the role of the ten year old boy Zoran in the period between 1971 and 1983.

Rade has always had the idea to screen the theatre show and as Danilo acted in the film he asked him for help with directing. When asked, how was it to work with Danilo? he said The same as life with him, nice and dramatic.

Danilo told how Macedonia is a fascinating country for him and due to the vivid colours, very interesting for shooting. As Skopje has changed significantly during the years, Bitola has served as Skopje in the film.

David Todosovski is playing the role of the boy Zoran and he confessed that some scenes were very difficult to act but he resisted for the good of the film. The boy confessed that he would rather be a football player when he grows up.

Lucija Šerbedžija was shooting after a leg injury so it was difficult to walk: it was actually good as I was more concentrated on walking than on the role so I acted more intuitively which is always the best way.

Silvija Stojanovska is Rade’s wife in the film and the significant fact is that in the Skopje theatre show in 1979, Rade’s role in the film was played by her father in the show. So she is very familiar with the story too. Rade was worked on the film very devotedly, as director, actor and with every actor individually and after the recording he would carry on working till late at night. she said.

The whole film crew agreed that it is wonderful to work with the Šerbedžija family.


Art house film Full Contact is special for many reasons, except for the controversial topic for the fact that it was shot completely in Croatia which “acts” as Yemen, Nevada, Bruxelles and an island in the middle of the Atlantic.

The Croatian co-producer Siniša Juručić stated during the media conference that the film has already been successfully shown at many festivals and, although the film crew was Croatian, the director is the successful Dutchman, David Verbeek.

Ana Bulajić Črček, was the make-up artist and her biggest challenge was to place the same person in three different costumed stories in which the characters may or may not be the same person, which was very demanding.


The Icelandic film “Sparrows” is an intelligent drama by Icelandic-Danish-Croatian coproduction already awarded at many festivals. The co-producer Ljilja Osk Snorradottir said that the topic is very real and authentic therefore somewhat difficult to watch.

A small but remarkable role is played by Rade Šerbedžija in this his 179th film. I play a very genuine role in this film with a brilliant screen play and fantastic directing. stated Šerbedžija.

The Croatian co-producer Igor Nola announced the arrival of the film in Croatian cinemas in September.



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