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Short Pula


Short Pula programme is of a competitive nature and a public call is published for it. The call is open for all Croatian short feature films and Croatian minority productions shorter than forty (40) minutes.

Bothe categories are defined by the following rules:

Croatian Films (Films that have received support at the HAVC – Croatian Audiovisual Centre Festival, films of Croatian production or participation of more than 50% Croatian film artists)

Croatian minority production (films in which the share of the Croatian producer (including the support from HAVC, producer’s private investment, television investments, sales of television rights, distribution agreements, indirect investments, etc.) is at least 10% of the total budget of the film and which qualifies as official co-productions under the provisions of the European Convention and / or the applicable bilateral co-production agreements which the Republic of Croatia signed with other countries).

By March 31, for the 63nd Short Pula we received:

- 47 Croatian short feature films and 5 short Croatian minority production.


Short 63rd Pula films



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