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ATTENTION...Shooting in Istria!


ATTENTION!... Shooting in Istria!

Opening: July 12 at 20:00 h

Curated by: Istria Film Commission and Daniel Rafaelić 

Pula, as the city of film, and Istria, as a film peninsula, are primarily associated with film festivals. However, long before our most significant film event was established, film cameras moved around Pula and its surroundings. Pula gave the cinematic world the first-class film star and exceptional actress – Alida Valli. Be it in breezy Italian co-productions or in much more serious American films, Pula and Istria have been preserved on film the way they had been perceived by great directors and actors. The exhibition focuses on the best known, less well known and completely forgotten film achievements but also on cinematic failures that have enriched our national film history in every possible way. From Afrić’s film Uncle Zvane (1949) to The Long Ships (1964) and all the way to Cross of Iron (1977), the exhibition will open a window into, as we can see, a certainly memorable past.

                                                                                                                                                   Daniel Rafaelić



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