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Pula PROfessional


The Pula PROfessional Industry section is aimed at film professionals and audiovisual art students. 

Apart from masterclasses, round tables, project presentations and the Young Cinephiles’ Film Criticism, in 2015 the Pula Pro has formed a partnership with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and a number of universities, faculties and academies from Croatia and the region, thus enabling students to follow all the professional programmes. A platform of new partnerships with students in the region has been created so that they can exchange knowledge and experiences and have prominent film professionals reveal them “the secrets of the trade”.

This year we will focus on screenplay with four guest lecturers: Jasmina Kallay, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Kate Leys, and Jelena Paljan.

At these masterclasses, that will cover the basics of creating a concept, writing, editing and screenplay promotion, all interested accredited professionals will be provided with answers to basic questions screenwriters are faced with: how to come up with and write a screenplay for a film that will someday be produced and in the end watched with pleasure.



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