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Tomislav Radić died!

Prominent Croatian film and theatre director, a long-time professor and dean of the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts Tomislav Radić, left us on Saturday 7 March 2015, aged 75. Over the years he created a large number of highly successful and award-winning documentaries, television shows, theatre productions and feature films, many of which mark a significant cultural period in which he created them. Radic's films "What Iva Recorded" (2005) and "Kotlovina" (2011) were the overall winners of the Pula Film Festival, winning top awards. In addition to the Golden Arena for Best Director, the film "What Iva Recorded" was awarded the Golden Arena for Best Film, Best Actress (Anja Šovagović-Despot) and the Best Actor (Ivo Gregurevic), and has received the Octavian Croatian Society of Film Critics award. In Pula, "Kotlovina" was awarded the Big Golden Arena and Arenas for Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actor and Actress (Drasko Zidar and Mirela Brekalo) and Best Supporting Actor (Boris Buzančić).



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