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Presentation of the 62nd Pula Film Festival visual identity/ pulafilmfestival.hr website redesign


On Thursday the 5th of March, the press conference took place to present the new visual identity of the 62nd Pula Film Festival. In the introductory statement, the director Gordana Restović expressed her satisfaction with the uninterrupted festival campaign process started four years ago and presented the authors Sean Poropat and Jelena Fiškuš (Studio Sonda d.o.o. from Poreč).

The concept is based on the ideas that arise from the starting point - the film - and that create natural links which encourage more extensive transmission of messages. Undoubtedly recognisable, applicable to the main and supporting elements of the event, the information that is transmitted is customisable and inseparable from the totality of the festival, which emphasises that the content of the Pula Festival is more than the film itself.

"The starting point of the conceptual design of the 62nd Pula Film Festival campaign uses variations of the already renowned slogan: “Film under the stars” where the initial word FILM is replaced by different alternatives. The important fact was to communicate the broadness and richness of the programmes offered by the Festival, which are improved and expanded around the film every year. We know that the film itself offers a multitude of emotions and experiences and combined with the most varied accompanying programme events, makes the Festival become a vibrant centre where ultimately everyone can find their interest, regardless of age or preferences. We have therefore played with different concepts of emotions but also with other elements that are an inseparable part of the Festival, such as the terms 'public' or 'author'”- state the authors.

Sanela Omanović, the spokesperson for the Public Institution has added that the first "multi-dialogue" multidirectional communication, which will enable the participants to be directly involved in the entire process of the campaign, will be established in the Valli cinema where the first 50 applicants will write their associations directly on the poster templates. In parallel with the creation of the identity, the website pulafilmfestival.hr has been refreshed in the same form and design and this is where you can find updated relevant information regarding the 62nd Pula Film Festival which will be held from the 18th to 25th of July.

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